Session Information

My Method:

Before each session, I prepare a plan for each individual student. With the information I gather, I identify or create practice problems on students' current topics to supplement their learning in the classroom. I often use the online Pear Assessment (formerly Edulastic) program, which allows me to customize assignments for students, view their progress on the problems in live time, and provide targeted feedback. Because I prepare work for each student ahead of time, every student in the session has appropriate, personalized practice to work on and I am able to efficiently rotate through the students to field their questions and fill in any gaps of understanding. Many times, students will have the same questions and we can discuss problems as a group. Students can also extend the learning from our sessions by continuing or re-doing Edulastic assignments outside of sessions. I also welcome students to contact me anytime with any questions regarding a concept from a session or otherwise.

What To Expect:

All of my sessions are small group sessions of between 2-5 people. In-person sessions are one hour while remote sessions are 30 minutes. If a remote session has more than four students, I will extend the length of the session up to 35 minutes. When possible, I organize the sessions by class so that students are in sessions with students working on similar material.

During a session, you can expect the following:

Here are some tips to experience the "BEST" possible session:

Be early and prepared. Consider problems and topics you want to discuss ahead of time.

Engage and ask questions during the school day. Ideally, tutoring should mostly support learning at school - not be expected to replace it.

Study a little on your own each day to practice your learning. Remember: a little bit every day turns into a lot.

Take ownership of your learning. It's the fastest way to experience growth.

Practical Steps Before a Session: